Teaching Volume on Modernist Women’s Writing in English in Development on the Commons

We are excited to announce that the volume “Teaching Modernist Women’s Writing in English,” edited by Janine Utell, is being developed on a site in MLA Commons. Visit the site to find the call for essay proposals, a detailed description of the project, and a growing repository of pedagogical and scholarly resources.

Utell hopes that the site will “build not only an audience but a network of teacher-scholars with similar interests who can use the opportunity of working on this book in this space as a way to grow relationships with each other….” We look forward to your participation in helping make this site an active venue for creating this volume, fostering community ties, and exchanging ideas, resources, and news about the subject of modernist women’s writing in English.

If you are interested in the development of book projects on MLA Commons, please click here for more information.

Korean Texts and Translations: A Survey

The series Texts and Translations was founded in 1991 to provide students and faculty members with important texts and high-quality translations that otherwise are not available at an affordable price. The books in the series are aimed at students in upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses—in national literatures in languages other than English, comparative literature, literature in translation, ethnic studies, area studies, and women’s studies. The Publications Committee seeks to develop several new titles in Korean for the series. To this end, the committee has appointed an editorial board of specialists in Korean for 2014–17.

This survey is designed to gather information about instructors’ materials for teaching texts and translations of Korean works. Respondents are invited to answer the questions below; they are also encouraged to submit a proposal for the series.

Please answer the questions on the form below and click Submit when you are finished. Your responses will be collected by the office of scholarly communication. If you wish to submit a proposal for the series, please send it by e-mail to Potential topics might include but are not limited to new fiction, speculative fiction, and the literature of total mobilization. More information on the series guidelines can be found here. Thank you for helping in the development of the Texts and Translations series.