Most Downloaded from CORE, August 2017

James Harland. “Rethinking Ethnicity and “Otherness” in Early Anglo-Saxon England.”

Oscar Martinez-Peñate. El Salvador Sociología General.

Matthew Kirschenbaum. “The Speculative Situation.”.

Laura Green. “Hall of Mirrors: Radclyffe Hall’s The Well of Loneliness and Modernist Fictions of Identity.”
Journal article.

Roger Whitson. “DTC 375: Languages, Text, and Technology (Revised for Fall 2017).”

Anastasia Salter. “Principles of Visual Language Syllabus.”

Shawn Moore. “ENC 1101: Composition and Rhetoric.”

Isabel Galina, Alex Gil, Padmini Ray Murray, and Vika Zafrin. “Copyright and Creator Rights in DH Projects: A Checklist.”

Amanda Licastro. “Composition and Writing with Sources.”

Susan Marie Martin. “Downloads: Attitudinal Grooming in Ontario’s Schools.”
Conference proceeding.

Top Ten October Downloads from CORE, the MLA Repository

Here are the items that were most downloaded from CORE in September 2016.

  1. Other
    Douglas Green. “On “The Coddling of the American Mind”.”
    98 downloads in September; 1128 total downloads
  2. Book chapter
    Lisa Zunshine. “Culture of Greedy Mind Readers.”
    89 downloads in September; 167 total downloads
  3. Article
    Doug Steward. “Data on Humanities Doctorate Recipients by Race and Ethnicity.”
    70 downloads in September; 106 total downloads
  4. Article
    Lisa Zunshine. “The Commotion of Souls.”
    68 downloads in September; 68 total downloads*
  5. Bibliography
    Lisa Zunshine. “Bibliography for Cognitive Literary Studies.”
    59 downloads in September; 59 total downloads*
  6. Book chapter
    Kathleen Fitzpatrick. “The Pleasure of the Blog: The Early Novel, the Serial, and the Narrative Archive.”
    43 downloads in September; 103 total downloads
  7. Book chapter
    Kendra Leonard. “Shakespeare, Madness, and Music: Scoring Insanity in Cinematic Adaptations.”
    37 downloads in September; 68 total downloads
  8. Article
    James E. Dobson. “Can An Algorithm Be Disturbed?: Machine Learning, Intrinsic Criticism, and the Digital Humanities.”
    21 downloads in September; 140 total downloads
  9. Article
    Amanda Starling Gould. “Restor(y)ing the Ground: Digital Environmental Media Studies.”
    21 downloads in September; 30 total downloads
  10. Article
    Geraldine Heng. “The Invention of Race in the European Middle Ages I: Race Studies, Modernity, and the Middle Ages.”
    21 downloads in September; 269 total downloads

*Newly deposited in September

Top Summer Downloads from the MLA Repository

Here are the ten most downloaded items from CORE, the MLA repository, this summer.

  1. Article
    Doug Steward. “Academic Freedom: Norms, Methods, Contestations.
    592 downloads in July and August
  2. Syllabus
    Brian Croxall. “Introduction to Digital Humanities, Spring 2015 syllabus.”
    125 downloads in July and August
  3. Syllabus
    Laura C. Mandell. “Going Public: Bringing the Humanities Home.”
    97 downloads in July and August
  4. Syllabus
    Anastasia Salter. “Digital Cultures & Narrative.”
    71 downloads in July and August
  5. Syllabus
    Serguei Oushakine. “Language and Subjectivity: Theories of Formation.
    68 downloads in July and August
  6. Syllabus
    Brian Croxall. “Introduction to Digital Humanities, Spring 2014 syllabus.”
    63 downloads in July and August
  7. Other
    Douglas Green. “On “The Coddling of the American Mind”.”
    54 downloads in July and August
  8. Syllabus
    Roger Whitson. “DTC 101: Introduction to Digital Technology and Culture.
    54 downloads in July and August
  9. Syllabus
    Whitney Trettien. “Digital Editing and Curation (Spring 2016).
    54 downloads in July and August
  10. Essay
    Hugh M. Richmond. “The Dead Albatross: “New Criticism” as a Humanist Fallacy.”
    51 downloads in July and August.

Top CORE Downloads in March 2016

CORE, the MLA’s repository, now boasts 300 items, available to anyone with an Internet connection. Below are the most downloaded deposits in March 2016.

  1. Editorial
    Douglas E. Green. “On ‘The Coddling of the American Mind.’”
    117 downloads in March (764 total)
  2. Syllabus
    Paul Fyfe. “Reading Literature in the Digital Age.”
    105 downloads in March (105 total)
  3. Conference Paper
    Peter Brooks. “Connected Academics and the Ethics of Reading.”
    64 downloads in March (64 total)
  4. Syllabus
    Sonia Nora Feder-Lewis. “Leadership in Literature Course Syllabus.”
    53 downloads in March (53 total)
  5. Syllabus
    Paul Fyfe. “Interpretive Machines.”
    51 downloads in March (51 total)
  6. Conference Paper
    Michelle R. Warren. “Ar-ar-archive.”
    47 downloads in March (47 total)
  7. Article
    Binod Paudyal. “Breaking the Boundary: Reading Lahiri’s The Lowland as a Neo-cosmopolitan Fiction.”
    24 downloads in March (48 total)
  8. Article
    Binod Paudyal. “Reimagining Transnational Identities in Lahiri’s The Namesake.”
    22 downloads in March (22 total)
  9. Conference paper
    Sarah Werner. “When Is a Source Not a Source?”
    21 downloads in March (136 total)
  10. Article
    Lorelei Caraman.“Literature and Psychoanalysis: Whose Madness Is It Anyway?”
    21 downloads in March (21 total)
Man reading on tablet

Now Trending: What’s Popular in the MLA Repository

We’re delighted to announce that as of 1 March, 11 of the 260 items uploaded to CORE, the MLA repository, have been downloaded over 100 times. As this list shows, it is not only scholarly articles that are of interest to readers but also conference proceedings, journalism, and curricular materials.

If you’re an MLA member, why not join us in our celebration of Open Education Week (7–12 March) and contribute to the open sharing of educational resources by uploading a syllabus, assignment, or learning object to the repository?

  1. Editorial
    Douglas E. Green. “On ‘The Coddling of the American Mind.’”
  2. Conference proceeding
    Lina Insana and Emily Todd. “Recruiting Majors in English and World Languages.”
  3. Article
    Lisa Zunshine. “The Secret Life of Fiction.”
  4. Chapter
    Lisa Zunshine. “Introduction to Cognitive Literary Studies.”
  5. Article
    Amanda L. French. “A Strangely Useless Thing’: Iseult Gonne and Yeats.”
  6. Syllabus
    Kathleen Woodward. “Reading Affect in Literary Studies.”
  7. Article
    Geraldine Heng. “The Invention of Race in the European Middle Ages 1: Race Studies, Modernity, and the Middle Ages.”
  8. Conference paper
    Sarah Werner. “When Is a Source Not a Source?”
  9. Chapter
    Sean Latham and Gayle B. Rogers. “Introduction: Is There a There There?”
  10. Article
    Dennis Looney. “What Should You Expect from the MLA Job Interview? And What Do Your Interviewers Expect from You?”
  11. Learning object
    Rachel Arteaga. “Introductory Digital Humanities Curriculum for the High School English Classroom.”