Top Summer Downloads from the MLA Repository

Here are the ten most downloaded items from CORE, the MLA repository, this summer.

  1. Article
    Doug Steward. “Academic Freedom: Norms, Methods, Contestations.
    592 downloads in July and August
  2. Syllabus
    Brian Croxall. “Introduction to Digital Humanities, Spring 2015 syllabus.”
    125 downloads in July and August
  3. Syllabus
    Laura C. Mandell. “Going Public: Bringing the Humanities Home.”
    97 downloads in July and August
  4. Syllabus
    Anastasia Salter. “Digital Cultures & Narrative.”
    71 downloads in July and August
  5. Syllabus
    Serguei Oushakine. “Language and Subjectivity: Theories of Formation.
    68 downloads in July and August
  6. Syllabus
    Brian Croxall. “Introduction to Digital Humanities, Spring 2014 syllabus.”
    63 downloads in July and August
  7. Other
    Douglas Green. “On “The Coddling of the American Mind”.”
    54 downloads in July and August
  8. Syllabus
    Roger Whitson. “DTC 101: Introduction to Digital Technology and Culture.
    54 downloads in July and August
  9. Syllabus
    Whitney Trettien. “Digital Editing and Curation (Spring 2016).
    54 downloads in July and August
  10. Essay
    Hugh M. Richmond. “The Dead Albatross: “New Criticism” as a Humanist Fallacy.”
    51 downloads in July and August.

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