The CORE Ten: Top Downloads in 2015

The MLA launched CORE, its library-quality repository that allows members to share their research and pedagogical materials with the world, in beta in late May. Seven months later, it is home to almost two hundred items—that’s a deposit rate of about one item a day (not bad for a newcomer)! And as this list of the ten most downloaded items shows, people are downloading not only published scholarly articles but also conference proceedings, journalism, syllabi, and curricular materials.

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Developing New Book Projects on MLA Commons

The MLA’s office of scholarly communication is pleased to begin exploring a new mode of book development that takes advantage of the possibilities offered by the MLA Commons platform. We invite authors and editors to think with us about how new forms of communication can contribute to or change book development and to suggest projects and ways of working that might add to or go beyond our submission guidelines.

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Statement on Public Access to Federally Funded Research

On 14 and 15 May 2013, the National Academy of Sciences hosted a public comment meeting concerning public access to federally supported research-based publications. Kathleen Fitzpatrick presented the following statement on behalf of the Modern Language Association.

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