Created by the MLA’s Executive Council in 2011, the office of scholarly communication oversees a range of activities intended to promote scholarship among MLA members and within the larger academic community. The office oversees MLA style publications, the book publications program, MLA Commons, Humanities Commons, CORE, and PMLA.

Who We Are

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Associate Executive Director and Director of Scholarly Communication
Angela L. Gibson, Associate Director of Scholarly Communication and Head of Book and Online Publications
Sara Pastel, Head of Periodical Publications
Nicky Agate, Head of Digital Initiatives
James C. Hatch, Senior Acquisitions Editor
Jaime Cleland, Acquisitions Editor
Michael Kandel, Senior Editor
C. Barney Latimer, Senior Editor
Jennifer A. Rappaport, Associate Editor
Erika Suffern, Associate Editor
Christiane Angeli, Assistant Editor
John D. Golbach, Assistant Editor
Annabel B. Schneider, PMLA Advertising Manager and Submissions Associate
Rafael Fonseca, Editorial Assistant
Laura Kiernan, Publications Coordinator